Eventually We'll All Come Together

Red, White & Blue

I wondered what people would feel seeing these three colors together expressed not as a symbol of any political affiliation or nation, but as the energies of feminine, masculine and the Divine flowing together, in and out and around each other in a perfect dance of balance and harmony. 


A few months ago, I heard stories of men throughout North and South America searching for women who are victims of human trafficking.  The man will buy an hour of the woman's time, sit with her and tell her how valuable she is, and that she can leave that life.  I don't remember hearing these stories on the news. These beautiful stories of men valuing women, telling them they're priceless.  It's happening. That’s how we end human trafficking. Through Love. 


44% of the sales of these pieces  will be donated to Pricelessproject.org, an incredible organization that helps identify and give refuge to victims of human trafficking. 

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